Against Boredom

Sometimes, ya get bored. 

Not me. No, no. I long for the days when I had enough free time to be bored. But in the interest of furthering the progress of humanity, I've compiled an eclectic list of things you can look at, if you haven't looked at enough DANG things already, gosh dangit. 

I've taken to swearing like a Mormon. They say stuff like, "Oh my heck!" and, "Jiminy Christmas!" I'm eternally fascinated by Mormons. 

ANYWAY I realize that a lot of these things are super old and you've probably already seen them but GUESS WHAT here they are anyway. 

Cabin Porn. This is exactly (or not at all exactly??) what it sounds like: lots of photos of beautiful cabins around the world. 

Stefon's Illustrated Guide to New York's Hottest Nightclubs. Remember Stefon from SNL? One of my favourite characters of all time. This is a collection of images from a bunch of different illustrators depicting the clubs he describes on Weekend Update. 

Aerial Nudes. Just the coolest photos of naked people from far above. By John Crawford. 

Lakota Jonez.  Cherokee/Mohawk/Lakota hip hop artist. I think she's won some Junos?? Indigenous music culture. A great platform to discover indigenous artists from around the world. 

Two. Just really amazing/surreal photography of identical twins by Tereza Vlčková.

The Complete History of Art References in The Simpsons.  Again, this has been floating around the internet since 2012, so a lot of people have already seen it. Super cool and interesting if you're as obsessed with The Simpsons as I am (few are). 

Pianists in Paris. ...just watch it. 

Olga Strazheva at the 1989 AA Women's Gymnastic Championships.  Okay seriously, this is so cool and beautiful and it makes me want to aggressively stretch my hamstrings. But yeah, back in the good old days, artistry was a lot more important in gymnastics floor routines than it is now. Also, this is set to my favourite piece of music of all time. 

Tiny House Swoon. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know of my obsession with tiny houses. One day I'll have my own, and Tiny House Swoon is good inspo. 

Have A Sexy Little Halloween. Hilarious and pertinent year-round. Undoubtedly my favourite Hairpin article of all time. 

"A Village After Dark" by Kazuo Ishiguru. I read this story a couple years ago and it has stayed with me. 

Scientific Illustration. A Tumblr filled with scientific illustrations. What more could you ask for in life, I say?

Elena Ferrante. 

A giant list of all-female bands. 

A punk playlist by Carrie Brownstein

Motionpoems.  Short film adaptations of contemporary poetry. 

Rainymood. The best rain sounds site on the internets, I tell ya what! I like listening to it along with moody jazz. 

Dirtbag Macbeth. 

This Is Sand.  An app for creating cool sandscapes. Good for calming anxiety. 

Vintage Book Collection Blog. Just really cool images of a person's vintage book collection. 

Male Novelist Jokes. An example: 

Q: How many male novelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: The terrible sex had made him feel deeply interesting, like a murder victim.


36 Questions That Lead to Love. I find this super interesting and I want someone I know to try it out because as we all know I have taken a vow of permanent hermit status and shall never know love again. 

Mama Malas. These are so preeeeetty but so expensive. It's my birthday this Friday, cough cough. 

Letters of Note. An online collection of cool letters and scans. 

There! I hope that alleviated someone's boredom, somewhere. 

  Bye summer. 

Bye summer.