Happy (super belated) New Year

Oh hai Mark. 

Who reads this? Probably no one! But I wish you a Happy New Year anyway. 

This poor, neglected blog. I would write more if my life wasn't so spectacularly boring as of late. It's my first winter in Fort Frances in six years, and it's been tougher than I thought. I mean, the crocuses come up in February in Vancouver for goodness' sake. 

Rosie loves it, though. She often sticks her whole face into the snow and comes up with the look of a coked-out maniac about her. 

Story time! I worked as a nanny in Vancouver for a little boy named Jack. I fell in love with him, of course, and I miss him dearly.

I fell out of touch with his mom, and any attempts to contact her since have been fruitless. I really loved her, too; she was one of those super gregarious, outgoing people that make me wish I was less of a bitch-faced hermit. 

She was endlessly amused/slightly confused by my degree. She would always ask if I was going to write poems about Jack. I'd say, probably, because I usually end up writing poems about everything. 

Well, sure enough, I did write a poem about him, and it's going to be published! Hurrah! It's called "This Job Ends in Six Months" and it will appear in the winter issue of ARC Magazine. So yeah, keep an eye out!

Also, it's super exciting because two of my good friends, Ellie Sawatzky and Matthew Walsh, are also going to be published in that issue. It's so special and exciting to have my work appear alongside theirs. Oh! And Ellie was a finalist for the Open Season Award! Congratulations, you ethereal goddess of beauty, you. 

That's about all the exciting news I've got for now, though come March I'll have another (even more exciting!) announcement to make. 

Until then, my loves.