Freelancing & I Bought A House!

Long time no blog!

I feel like I always start my blog posts by talking about the weather, which is like, so typical of me, because I don't know how to start conversations online or in real life, so why not just blurt out something about whatever may or may not be falling from the sky recently? Well let me tell ya, it's super freaky around my neck of the woods lately. We had one snowfall in early November? I wanna say? Then it warmed up and it all melted, and there is literal green grass outside. It makes it tough to get into the Christmas spirit. 

You now what else makes it tough to get into the Christmas spirit? Persistent and unwavering depression! I've been on the same medication for almost 2 years now, and lately it seems like it's just stopped working. It's like I have this flat affect situation or else I'm ragingly pissed off, and I'm so tired. So very, very tired, deep in my bones. But! I soldier on. 

Some exciting things: I bought a house! Which probably seems like not the smartest thing for a person who's barely scraping by with 3 jobs to do, but! As it turns out, renting in Fort Frances is about as expensive as renting in Vancouver, as in, very. It made more sense to buy; this way, I'm making an investment from the future and my cost of living is much more manageable. And I don't have to sleep on a futon in my parents' basement anymore!

Here's a photo of the living/dining area. The current tenant's bed is in the living room, and the couch and stuff are in the dining room, because they're getting rid of the popcorn ceiling in the bedroom. 

It needs a little TLC, but it's a bright, cute little house in an amazing neighbourhood, and it has great vibes. And the owner is my elementary school teacher/mentor, so that's cool, too. 

ALSO. I got a kitty cat. His name is Oliver and he looks to be part Siamese maybe? He was rescued from the dump here in town, and my yoga teacher (who also works at the local vet) told me about him. And honestly he is so amazing. He's the cuddliest cat I've ever met, and his claws never come out, even when he feels threatened (like when Rosie is getting all up in his business). 

I've been freelancing for Romper for I wanna say 3 months now? It's been amazing; my editor is the sweetest woman, so supportive and lovely. And it's helping a lot with bills, 'cause I get paid in American $$$. 

I wanted to find a gif of the scene where they go to the CN tower and the guy says, "American currency! When would you like your breakfast, sir??" but this is as far as I got. 

People have been asking to see what I've been writing. 2 things: a lot of what I write hasn't been posted yet. They post A LOT of content, so some of it gets saved up for a while. Also, some of it is stuff I don't really want my family to see? I guess? I don't know. You know when you're comfortable sharing something with strangers but not with people you actually know?

Anyways, I'll link some stories below. FAIR WARNING: If you're a friend or family member and you don't want to read something that will potentially be TMI for you, then don't say I didn't warn ya. 

Finally, a bit of an aside: I've been lucky enough recently to have 2 people reach out to me online, out of the blue, because they saw things I wrote and were touched by them. And they've both become very, very dear to me. I don't know if either of them will see this, but I want them both to know that I'm so appreciative that they reached out. And if you're some random person who's read my work and wants to contact me, please do! It's a lovely thing. 

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays.