Follow-up Interview for Malahat Lite

Hello friends!

I was recently interviewed for the Malahat Review's e-newsletter, Malahat Lite. It was sort of a follow-up interview/promotion for this year's Open Season Awards.

I'm not going to link to it or be honest, it was sort of a strange experience for me. Trust me, I don't make any earth-shatteringly brilliant observations. 

As you can probably tell by the state of this website, I really haven't accomplished *much* in the world of writing since winning the award. I graduated, which means I finished my thesis. But I wasn't happy enough with it to start looking for a publisher. If you're at all familiar with my personal life, you'll know that there has been some pretty serious upheaval in that department in the last six months or so. I guess I just felt a bit silly given this opportunity for self-promotion and not really having anything to promote. 

When asked by the interviewer why I enter literary contests, I responded, perhaps a bit snarkily, that I do it for the money. I stand by my snark in the sense that any writer (any poet especially) knows that at the beginning of your career (and perhaps for its duration) you're certainly not earning a living off of writing alone. But I do want to add that it would be an honour to win without the money. The respect and admiration of my peers means the world to me. 

On that note, without having anything to promote myself, I'd like to promote the work of a friend. Kayla Czaga, who I had the pleasure of working with during my MFA at UBC, has just had her first book published by Nightwood. It's called For Your Safety Please Hold On, and you can buy it here. 

Kayla is a brilliant writer, and I'm so happy to see her succeed.